Watch Online Humble Politician Nograj {Kannada} Full Movie DOWNLOAD 1080p HD Mp4 3Gp

Watch Online Humble Politician Nograj {Kannada} Full Movie Download – City Express got hold of a few photographs from the sets of the promo song, and the actors Danish, Sruthi and Vijay can be seen dressed like characters played by these various actors. Danish says, “There is no better way to celebrate the occasion, since cinema has been the bread and butter of the system and we wanted to pay tribute to those who have worked hard to set this space up. Since, I am part of this film, I would rather have something to do with people who are closest to my heart.

Watch Online Humble Politician Nograj {Kannada} Full Movie DOWNLOAD

Watch Online Humble Politician Nograj {Kannada} Full Movie DOWNLOAD

We are putting our best efforts in to make this promotional video, which the audience will like and get nostalgic about,” says Danish. Prem Pawar, who has mostly worked with corporates, has choreographed this promotional video for Humble Politician… “A lot of work is going into this promotional song, with characters wearing costumes similar to what was worn in the original, and it will all be done in good humour,” he says.

Danish, how did you learn Kannada?
Danish: At school and home. My mother used to run supermarkets. In fact, when I was very young, after school I used to spend a lot of time at her stores and speak to customers and vendors. You know how it is, our society is rather friendly and people used to speak to me in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam. I can speak about 5-6 languages.
Saad: If I may just intercept there, how did you learn the Nograj kind of Kannada and English?

Danish: Nograj Kannada and English happened (slips into Nograj lingo) ‘becaas my uncle and my graandfather is a paltician from Karnataka’.
My grandfather used to be a minister from Mysuru. When we were growing up, he used to visit the Legislative Assembly and his followers would come along with him to our house. Some of them would put me on their laps and ask, ‘ Yenappa, drakshi thinthiyaa? ‘ One of my first gifts as a child was a voice recorder, and I used to record what these guys would say. After they’d leave, I would replay and imitate them, and that’s how Nograj’s lingo came about.

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