Watch Cadillac Concept For Pebble Beach OLED Instrument Screen Video

Check out the instrument cluster of Cadillac concept vehicle Pebble Beach. Now all the car makers are working on full OLED touch screen Instrument cluster. Earlier Mercedes-Maybach coupe concept has made a attempt to bring there latest OLED concept into life.


The new video update by Cadillac brand has just regrown the momentum of OLED screens. It not about copy of one of another brand its just technology upgradation which will designed the future of automobile as an industry.

In a recent video the brand have to go through various issues regarding the OLED screen and the curve along the dash. It reminds of double-wide gauge display in Mercedes Benz S-Class.

There is problem regarding the lighting in the car and managing all the equipment just to make driving more comfortable. The concept will be show in upcoming auto expo and there will be further more detailing about the screen.

Now Audi and BMW are seeing experiment on the OLED taillights. Cadillac have gone one step further for there customers and for industry as well.

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