Cigarettes are addictive in nature as they contain nicotine. For quitting cigarette one has to be determined and should have to build strong will power. Quitting a cigarette is not a cup of everyone’s tea. One has to face adverse effects and many other health factors. Person needs a very supportive attitude from loved one’s and from his surroundings. Individual should take a decision and decide a particular date to quit smoking. Things a person should do to quit a cigarette:


  • Find concrete reasons to quit smoking.
  • Make a plan.
  • Change your diet.
  • Make Non-smokers friends
  • Think positive no matter what comes ahead.
  • Indulge in good activities
  • When you crave recreate new hobbies
  • Indulge in positive company and surroundings

Small changes can affect your life style. You can create a no-smoking area which will help you and others as well. Nicotine patches are available in the market for the beginners to quit smoking. Person can also indulge in rehabilitation houses if individually cannot achieve goal. Modern era gives us E-cigarette which can also be used to quit smoking. Person should always think about hard time past in his life this will help him to motivate towards his goal. This will save him many other diseases and it will build a healthy mind and soul.

One should always take notice of how much cigarette are harmful to your health. One can see the changes in his body while smoking. Person will face lungs problem, heart issues, tooth decay etcetera. As a smoker you are also affecting your loved ones as they become passive smoker. Cancer is also faced chain smokers. As you can also save money by quitting cigarette and spend it among poor it will give a peace to mind. So stop smoking and live a healthy life.

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