The Rich Architecture in India

Architecture is both the process and product of designing, planning and constructing building and any other structure. Architecture is a work of art through which architects implement their ideas into reality. Architecture starts from the stone age the era at which mankind formed. Earlier people use to migrate from place to place and taking shelter inside a cave they survived. Due to the Indus Valley Civilization people started to settle at a place where they can get shelter food etc. from there started the amazing architecture.

The shelters they made was initially with stones branches of trees etc., then after they invented tools and precious things through which they traded thing to each other forming a community. Eventually, due to the development of science and technology developed architecture, the world we see today is all because of the development of science and technology which leads to the development of architecture, and other wonders of world. India is a developing country; we can find many engineers who immensely take part in development of our country.

There are many leading or Best engineering colleges in India which gifts us with budding engineers to us who is going to bring a vast change to our country. The colleges like SRM University Kanchipuram Chennai, IIT, LPU Punjab provide respectable education to scholars. The development of a country lies in the hands of architects and engineers, for example, Azerbaijan is a country in the South Caucasus region, situated at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and southeastern Europe with neighboring countries like Armenia, Iran, Georgia.

After its independence in 1918 and become the first democratic state in the Muslim-oriented world. In Azerbaijan, we can find the evidence of human settlement back to Stone age. Even though they got the freedom they had no economic development in order to grow the economy of the country they decided to construct the amazing architecture. The two major architectural feature were “The Flame Towers” by HOK and “Heyder Aliyev Centre” by Zaha Hadid. This two construction brought a vast economic change for the country some other examples are the Akashi Kikio bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mumbai airport, Delhi Airport, Palm Island, World Island, the construction of these architectural structure needed the ideas and hard work of many construction engineers.

These massive structures elaborated the growth of our world. Now the world is out of space to construct or implement such ideas of construction and technologies. The world around us need rejuvenation. It’s high time we hear the natures cry. Sustainable development requires innovative ideas and technologies, use of clean energy, self-purifying building structures, electronic and hybrid cars, increased utilization of wind and solar energy all are some feasible ideas. But in order to implement all these ideas in large scale, we need structural and financial support. Our governments are bringing forward new development plans for the better future of our coming generations. We have to hold our hands together to gift our younger ones a better, fresher earth as we know it.

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