The Crew 2017 Hindi Dubbed Download Full Movie Mp4 Bluray HD 3Gp

The Russian action drama film “The Crew” is releasing in India also. This is the first Russian film to be released in India, it has also dubbed in Hindi also. The film has already released in Russia last year in 2016. It was highest grossing and super hit film of the year 2016. Now the makers have released the film in India also with lots of expectations. Let’s see whether it will rock in India or not, people will like it or not. Enjoy 2017 download Hindi dubbed Russian movie The Crew in high definition 1080p, mp4, 3gp, bluray and other option from different ways.

Till now it has received good response. The critics have given it 3.5 rating out of 5 and viewers have given it 3.7 rating out of 5. But it has showed average occupancy in theaters till now, the expectations are it will show growth after some days as the response of people is good and they are promoting it with word of mouth too. The action adventure thriller Russian film is directed by Nikolai Lebedev. It stars Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov and Agne Grudyte in lead roles.

The film shows the story of Self-Sacrifice and bravery. It revolves around the story of a pilot who is in military Air Force. But later he was fired from Air Force due to disobeying some rules. One day when he was flying to Asia something happened and they stuck there. What will happen next will they be able to rescue and will they survive it or not. To know this watch the film and what happened there where the flight stuck all this is the main suspense of the film.

More then 500 of audience have voted for movie which result in 72% audience like the way movie is presented. The running time of the movie is 126 minutes. This is a true entertainer which will make audience stuck onto there seats.

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