The BFG Live Audience Review & Critic Response Rating

Checkout the reviews and rating of newly released American fantasy film ” BFG”. The film is getting positive response from audience and critics. The critics has liked the concept and direction of the film. Audience are also enjoying the film. The film shows the story of a young girl and a benevolent giant, known as BFG. They have been known to ear humans but BFG was not one of the them. Sophie the young girl and BFG travel to London to see the Queen and warn her about the giant problem. And they come up with a plan to get rid of giants.


The story of the film is unique and interesting. Melissa Mathison has written the film. It is directed by Steven Spiel,he has also produced the film along Frank Marshall and Sam Mercur under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment and Walden Media.

This film is highly recommended as sometime watching the movie we feel hour dream have come true. Hats off to the director and his thoughts regarding “The BFG”. This family entertaining movie will be liked by everyone, not only children. It will make you remember your childhood days.

Live Audience Review

Movie Review: THE BFG may not be flawless but is still “a hopscotchy piece of family entertainment”, Out Now…


‘Inviting us to be big kids for an hour and a half’ In Cinemas Friday, here’s our ★★★★ stars to ‘The BFG’@BFGMovie

— Movie Marker (@MovieMarker)

Spielberg’s gleeful depiction of bubbly whizzpopping is sure to make @BFGMovie a family classic. A masterful & genuinely magical film #Farts

— James Roberts (@JamesRobertsVFX) July 27, 2016

Well @BFGMovie was incredible, hats off to you John Williams, stunning

— Sophie Mahar (@svmahar) July 27, 2016

Watched @BFGMovie last night in utter raptures. Amazing, beautifully funny film. #whizz pop

— Claire Pratt (@ClaireWarriorP) July 28, 2016

Ed and Granny saw @BFGMovie yesterday and highly recommend. Lots of hilarious “blowing off” and the Queen’s corgis particular highlights.

— Fiona Critchlow (@swimmersmummy) July 28, 2016

@BFGMovie What a brilliant film – really took me back to my childhood when I read the book! ? love it!

— Sarah (@Sarahrcr0) July 28, 2016

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