Sons of Sardar (2) Battle of Saragarhi Wiki 1st Poster & Story

Ajay Devgn has recently announced his upcoming movie “Sons of Sardaar” the battle of Saragarhi. This is a second film in the series of Son of Sardaar. Ajay Devgn has posted a tweet regarding his movie and he asked for wishes. The film is based on The Battle of Saragarhi which took place on 12 September 1897 between British India Army and Afghan Orakzai.


Check out the first look poster of “Sons of Sardaar” the battle of Saragarhi. Poster of the film was updated on 29 July 2016. This Ajay Devgn new venture which got official by the poster release.

The film is unlike “Son of Sardaar” which was related to comedy genre. This film is release to epic Battle of Saragarhi which will show battle of sikhs and the Afghans. This will be an action packed film and Ajay reveal this upcoming movie will be made on a much higher scale.

Ajay also inform the battle field will be much likely to Hollywood super hit film “300”. This will not only increase the level of film but any film like this will kick scale of Bollywood movies as well. Movie will be made in different language as the film is going to release in various countries.

Ajay manage to pull patriotic role in the film. He has played sikh in many films and “Bhagat Singh” was one of the best he play as a sikh.


The story of film is based on epic Battle of Saragarhi which was fought between Sikhs and Afghans in 1897. There were 21 Sukhs and 10,000 Afghans that fought at Saragharhi. The Sikhs lost there lives in the battle field.

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