Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review Rumours Launch & Price

Samsung is about to reveal its latest smartphone Galaxy Note 7. This is Samsung’s flagship device worldwide. It is gong to be a big launch by South Korean brand for 2016. The launch event of the phone is going to help in New York. Samsung has officially revealed about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet. Earlier Galaxy Note 5 was one of the best device from the brand.


There are other rumours about the devices to be launch at the event. There might be launch of next-gen Gear VR and the Gear S3 smartwatch launch as well. There are still rumours, as there is no official announcement on the launch of these goodies. As the Gear S2 smartwatch was launch at IFA last year. Again the brand could repeat the same with new device.

Some of the info by Samsung about Galaxy Note 7 was it is going to help people at work, and home. The best part was about new stylus S Pen which will be more useful from now onwards. There will be larger screen and more features rich regarding S Pen. This new handset will be more alive and easy to be with, most useful for office work will make it better then another device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be more powerful and easy to handle with larger screen as well. This latest device will get Galaxy S7 and S7 edge features. This gadget will perform tremendously well as it will get top tech included.


Every one will be happy to hear about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which will get 5.7-inch QHD display. It will get 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. There are some rumours about RAM as it might get 6GB RAM or 4GB RAM as option with storage. It will get 32GB internal storage and it include 12 MP of rear camera and 8MP of front facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be price roughly at Rs. 63,000.

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