Saansein Hindi Movie Story Live Audience Review And Critic Rating

Horror movie Saansein got release today with low occupancy rate. Slow opening, but positive mixed reviews by audience is promoting the film. As per multiplex management, this week is better then last 3 weeks after money demonetization by Indian government.


Rajneesh Duggal, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hiten Tejwani and Neetha Shetty is playing lead role. All the actors have performed exceptional well and story line is also different. This is romantic horror genre movie. This film has limited audience but still mange to get 65% audience in theatres on day one.

Saansein has received 2.5*** rating by critics. Some particular audience for horror movie  are there and will defiantly watch this movie.


Story is all about Shirin who is a singer in club. Abhay come for a business detail and fall for the girl who is singing. After every performance she disappears, but now abhay was to find her what is actually happening to her. When he tries to find her, he get to known various things about the girl along with her mystery to get vanish after her performance.

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