Run The Tide HD Trailer Stills Images Release Date Ft. Taylor Lautner

The official trailer of upcoming Hollywood film “Run The Tide” has released. It is receiving good response and it has crossed 487k views in just two days. The makers of the film shared it on social media.

The trailer shows story of a young man his brother who is 10 years old. Their mother was in jail so he was taking care of his younger brother, he was everything for him. It shows how they faces all problems alone and take care of each other. The trailer shows their emotions, anger and love too.


The film is directed by Soham Mehta and written by Rajiv Shah, both are Indian names and film is a Hollywood film. Both have done a good job, the story line and concept of the film is quite different and direction is also good. It is produced by Pilar Savone and 1821 Pictures. It stars Taylor Lautner, Constance Zimmer, Kenny Johnson, Nicos Christou in leading roles. Tony Simpson has composed the music of the film. The cinematography of the film is handled by John T. Connor and editing is done by Rick Grayson.

The release date of the film is not yet finalized. Soon it will be out.


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