Premaya Namah 2017 Marathi Movie Critic Rating Live Audience Review

Marathi movie Premaya Namah is releasing on 3rd of March. The review and response from audience and critic was taken before and after movie release. Movie was shown to critic before the release and they have rated the movie positive.

As per audience is concerned the film is good to watch. This is a romantic love story which comedy and drama. There are scenes in the film which audience will remember after watching the movie. It is a hard core romantic film starring Devendra Chugule and Rupali Krishnao.

Other then these Surekha Kudachi and Prakash Dhotre is playing lead role in the movie. These four character will be seen and other supporting actors with small role. The running time of the movie is 144 minutes. This film has received U/A certificate. Audience voted positively for the movie.

As far as rating is concerned it has got 3.2 star rating out of 5 from critics.

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