Pokemon Go Ultimate Fake Game App Will Break Your Phone, Beware!

This is to inform every smart phone user, about the fake game “Pokemon Go  Ultimate”. Recently in the name of famous game Pokemon Go, the new version was launch i.e. Pokemon Go Ultimate. The is totally a fake game which just don’t actually download in your smartphone.


People who are looking for the latest game from Google Play Store find the name as “Ultimate” version of Pokemon Go. Who so ever is looking for the game, please stop for looking it and be safe.

What happen when anyone download the game:

First of all the game app is not actually download to your phone. It disappears when when actually download and run. The phone get freeze completely and phone start giving hang problem.

Users forcing to use the app result in just freezing of phone nothing els. Now user is force to remove the betray and restart the phone. When restart the phone continue to run, but the app continue to work on the background.

Another big problem is regarding fake ad clicks which it generate automatically. When ever user touch the screen of smartphone he suffer from different ad clicks and opening of different pages.

This is not the first time when such apps are made and misguide the users. This time it happened with use of brand name and more users have suffered with such problem.

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