Naanna Nenu Nad Boyfriends 2016 Telugu Full Movie Download Mp4 DVDrip HD 3Gp

Naanna Nenu Nad Boyfriends is the latest Telugu language romantic movie. Movie got release on December 2016. Before the release only movie show premier show for private people. Everyone enjoyed the movie has appreciated the performance of all the characters in the movie. It has a beautiful story with added comedy and sensational romance in the flick. Enjoy download full Telugu movie Naanna Nenu Nad Boyfriends in mp4, 720p HD, dvdrip, 3gp from different modes and medium.

Naanna Nenu Nad Boyfriends 2016 is newly release Telugu movie. This is comedy and romantic genre movie. Direction of Naanna Nenu Nad Boyfriends 2016 is done by Bhaskar Bandi. Creativity by the director is showing charm in theatres now. This is one of the brilliant directorial movie. It seems director know what actually viewers want to see.

The film is getting positive reviews by live audience. Movie is liked by every age group and it has strong ride at the box office. Views have rated the movie 4**** out of 5. This is quite impressive by the makers to bring such an impeccable performance. It has shown more then 72% occupancy rated in theatres.

Star cast featuring Hebah Patel, Tejaswi Madivada, Noel Sean, Parvateesam in lead role. Other then lead Rao Ramesh and Ashwin Babu is playing supporting role in the movie. All the character in the movie has done great job with comic timing and intense romance.

Bekkam Venugopal has produced the movie under his home banner production house A Bekkem Venugopal production. Story of the film is narrated by B. Say Krisna. Story is about one girl who fall in love with three guys. They have intense romance and her life is going good. Soon everything ends they her mother come to city and finds what her girl is actually doing in this city. Mother tell this to her father. Do these get along with each other or they will be separate for life time.

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