Mohenjo Daro 1st Day Friday Box Office Collection

Checkout the reviews, rating and box office collection of Hrithik Roshan’s recently released film “Mohenjo Daro”. The film has released today on 12 Aug 2016. It has clashed with “Rustom” starrer Akshay Kumar. “Mohenjo Daro” is one of the big film of the year, it is a big budget film. It has released on 2600 screens, it has more screens than “Rustom”. But if we talk about the reviews, the film is not getting positive response from audience. It has not received good reviews from live audience. And it has not received good feedback from critics also. Critics has given it below average rating. They have given it 2.6 rating out of 5 while audience have given it 4 rating out of 5.

Ashutosh Gowariker Mohenjo Daro

It is expected that film will make Rs 8 crore to 9 crore on box office on its opening day, while “Rustom’s” expectations are high. It has shown 75% occupancy in theaters which is also less from “Rustom”. Let’s see how the first weekend of the film goes, which film will rock on box office.

Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Mohenjo Daro” is quite different film with unique concept. Even all the stars have done their role very well but audience and critics have not liked it much. May be people are not liking the different concept or the makers could do better.


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