Meendum Oru Kadhal Kathai Tamil Movie Critic Review Rating

Meendum Oru Kadhal Kathai Tamil movie is schedule to release on 26th August 2016. What audience actually think about the movie? There is a mixed positive review by audience. There is no doubt about the performance in the movie.


This time movie could not impress everyone. As per critic review the first half could not impress much, but movie gets in flow after second half. Audience is liking the movie and it will definitely god business. Movie has got more screen count which will get first day collection number higher. Moreover sometime audience think just different from critic. Makers don’t target critic they target audience, who are actual consumer.

Mithran Jawahar has directed the movie and Vineeth Sreenivasn has narrated the story. G.V. Prakash Kumar has composed the music of the flick. Movie features Walter Philips, Isha Talwar, Singamuthu, Thalaivasal Vijay, Vidyullekh Raman, Manoj K. Jayan, Arjunan Nandakumar. All the actors have given there best performance.

#MeendumOruKadhalKadhai Good movie!! Best of luck to team..

— itodaytimes (@itodaytimes) August 26, 2016

#MeendumOruKadhalKadhai 1st Half: A Hindu boy falls in love with a Muslim girl.. Pleasant visuals.. Fresh music.. Interesting so far..

— Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) August 25, 2016

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