Mandya To Mumbai Kannada Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Mandya to Mumbai is a action thriller genre Kannada movie. Viewers are supporting this film with there positive comments on social media networks. After the release on 30th December 2016 movie is getting positive attention and almost 77% of seating capacity in theatres. Movie start with thrill and end on thrill, there is lot of time when audience get involved in film. Director has work hard to make it possible. Download Kannada movie in high speed format HD, mp4, 3gp, dvdrip, 720 bluray and online streaming from various modes and ways.

Story of the film is narrated by director Vaardhik Joseph. This story belong to young criminal where normal before as themselves experience crime. The film start with normal life of hero called Mandya. He is staying with family and enjoying his life. Suddenly everything is change when his parents were murdered by an anti-social. He has to face further conscious when he was sent to jail for his parents murder. Police officer tortured him alot in jail.

Now hero is in jail and he get along with hard core criminals in prison only. All those help the hero to come out of jail and take revenge on his parents killings. All of them now plan to become big gangsters in Mumbai city. When it seem it is end of story there is another twist which will defiantly liked by audience.

This movie is a remake of Tamil film Renigunta. The film starring Rakesh Adiga, Naveen Krishna, Sadhu Kokila, Thilak Shekar, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Amrutha Rao, Theepetti Ganesan, Chirag, Raajashekar, Achyuth Kumar, Micro Nagraj and Petrol Prasanna in leading role.

S. Jyothi Lingam has produced the film under the banner of Sree Neela Durga and Parameshwari Combines. Music is done by Charan Raj M.R. Editing is done by Marison and cinematography is done by Darshan Kanaka & Vishwesh Shiva Prasad.

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