Main Teri Tu Mera Punjabi Movie Story |Synopsis | Plot – Roshan Prince

Main Teri Tu Mera is the story of a young boy from a village. He is very popular in village just for silly reasons. He stay in the world of fantasy. Amru is the name of this common village boy who is a full time day dreamer.


Amru just dream about how his love life should be and about his perfect life partner. One day he was dreaming and he meet a modern city girl who fall in love with him. She always try to make him happy and spend good time with him. There is a happy ending to the story when they get married.

After this every there is a u-turn in the story of Amru when he got to know about the same girl. The dream becomes reality, and Amru get confused and did not believe it. There is more confusion in the story when the girl simran claims that she is married with Amru.

How things change further? How could she claim about marriage with Amru.

Characters in the film

Roshan Prince: Amru
Jazz Sodhi: Simran

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