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On 2 January 2017 the makers of the upcoming Tamil movie “Lightman” has revealed the first look poster of the film on social networking sites. The first look poster shows a man standing in front of a light, it seems he is the Lightman on whom the film is based. The poster has a tag line also ” Lightman.. Children of Light.. A Tribute to Lightman in cinema”. The concept of the film is quite unique, this is the first time a film on the life of a lightman is being made, no one has ever think of this topic and no body in the cinema will think of him. What kind of film it be comedy, emotional, intense, what director wants to convey to the audience, all these are suspense.

Soon the official teaser acd trailer of the film will be out. The release date of the film is not yet finalised, we will update you as soon as it will be revealed. It is expected to release in the beginning of 2017. The film is directed by  Kumar G. Venkatesh and produced by Studio  Productions. It stars Karthik Nagarjan, Jennifer and Vasagan in lead roles. Tony Britto has composed the music of the film.

The role of the lightman in the film is played by Karthik Nagarjan. The whole film is based on his life story. The film will show his work life and personal life both. It will show is his job very hard or interesting, is he paid for his hard work or not. What kind of life he lives is he happy with his job and life or not, is he want any recognition.

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