The Yoga has been developed around 5000 years ago and no other exercise is as enduring as yoga. It helps to create flexibility and strength. There are ample of reason to learn yoga but at the foremost it gives us peace of mind and increases our self esteem. Practising yoga can be beneficial to a person in physical and psychological way. It helps to remain calm and relaxed throughout the day.


In this modern civilisation this activity not only keeps away many diseases but also it is an fitness routine among individuals. Yoga enhances respiration, energy and maintains our metabolism. As stress management is a big issue in this world Yoga helps to eradicate it.

Yoga is incorporated with the meditation which helps to improve individual well being. Regular practise can give us mental clarity and increases body awareness. It is said that happy person is healthy yoga helps to retain it. As mostly yoga is done in open area and surrounded by greenery it regenerates your energy. It also helps to attain a healthy lifestyle. By doing this activity you can manage your diet. Moreover it helps to maintain your diet. In this techno savvy world mostly youngsters face focus issue. They are more prone to other activities and do not focus on study yoga helps to increase individual concentration sleeping disorder are common among many group of folks yoga helps to resolve it.

Drugs taking habit are increasing in masses tremendously because of many diseases yoga helps many people to lower medicine dosage and completely get rid of medicine for instance high blood pressure, asthma etcetera. As office workers are facing back pain, neck pain yoga is answer to their issues. It helps them to improve posture and increases their immunity. Yoga is a great way to connect to your body and soul and understand them in a positive way. It is a great positive energy resource to attain positivity in life.

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