Lavari 2016 Gujarati Free Full Movie Download 3Gp Mp4 HD

Lavari Gujarati drama movie is near your theaters now. The latest Gujarati release is getting positive plus response by audience and critics. Best of all from the day one only film is getting word to mouth promotion on all social media channels. Cast and crew is happy, the way everyone reacted after watching the movie. Now Enjoy Lavari full Gujarati movie online on different means and mediums.


Lavari Gujarati 2016 is the latest drama genre movie. The film is directed by Rahu Thummar. The film is narrated the very well known written Sanjay Prajapati. Director of the film has work in many films earlier as well. The film starring Aishwaria Dussane, Hardhida Pankhanya, Mandeep Singh Basran, Rohan Patel, Dhriti Patel, Sanjeet Dhuri and Sachin Soni in leading role.

As per critic rating movie has got 4 star out of 5 where as audience has given 9.5 rating out of 5 to overall movie. The film is getting different kind of promotion, and cast and crew is getting appreciation about the movie.

This is a beautiful young love story which revolves around three young couple. All the couple know each other, two couple is married and one of them are not. Now the third couple get in love with each other incidentally. This film show ups and down about relationships. There is lot of love emotion sacrifice faith true in the movie.

All of thing happen due to little misunderstanding but true is the best part in every relaxation. Some issue turn into big fights which create mess in the relationship. It is a full family entertainment film, watch this full movie with family. There is no age limit and anyone can go for the movie and Enjoy it.

Note: This is to inform users to watch the movie in your nearest theaters and download only when its is available on true sources to stop piracy.


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