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Kahi 2016 is the latest Kannada movie arrived now. The film has release on the schedule date and is caring lot of positivity along. On the day one only movie got positive feedback from audience and hard core critic. There are very less movie when critic rated them more then good, and this is one of them. Critic rated the movie 7 out of 10 overall, which suddenly increase audience interest to visit cinemas. Who could not go to cinemas just enjoy movie online on different sources by downloading movies from true sources only and high quality prints dvdrip, mp4, avi and 3gp.


Producers have selected best date to be in good business but there will be a draw back to the film. The film has got adult certificate, which is drawback as lot of audience cannot watch the movie. Non of the film makers have release the movie this week which is count as best time to get into business.

Most of the important part was played by the director Arvind Sastry as he was taking care of writing the story as well as editing the film. He has worked on the star cast has per story requirement. Best people has taken from the film to maker it look much more natural.

The film starring Harisharva, Suraj Gowda, Krishi Thapanda, Matangi Prasan is playing lead role in the flick. Along with the lead Aravind Lyer, Mahesh Bung, Ramesh Bhat, Girish Jatti, Kishori Ballai and Shrinivas Meshtru in supporting characters in the film. The cast and crew member are happy with there performance and appreciation by the audience about there job.

Story of the film is narrated by director. The story of the film revolves around four people from different background and thoughts. This is about the lives of a druggiest, a writer, a dancer and a phycho path. While watching the movie some of the audience can relate there own life with them. This movie show every one has difficulties in life. Be strong and carry what anyone can do best.

The film is produced by Rekha Venkatesh, Nagasgeela Prakash under the banner of Boiled Beans Pictures. Running time of the film is almost 1 hour and 34 minutes.


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