Kaabil 9th Day Box Office Collection Report

Hrithik Roshan has shown it’s charm in his latest release film Kaabil. The film was released two days prior to Friday, due to a national holiday. There was big competition as SKR got release his film on the same date. The film opened on 40% screens as compared to another release film.

Kaabil manages to pick up pace after its first 5 days weekend. Take a closer look box office collection of Kaabil. Opening day film collected 10.43 cr, on the second day Thursday national holiday movie collected 18.67 cr, on Friday comes collected 9.77 cr, Sunday 13.54 cr and on 5th day 15.05 cr. This movie has given tough competition to Raees with every passing day.

After long weekend critic, Monday was faced with a little bump which 6 cr collection number. On Tuesday movie collected 6.10 cr and on day 8 movie collected 6.05 cr. On last day of first week movie collected over 6 cr. These results encourage lot more audience to join for the movie.

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