Junoon – Once Upon a Time in Calcutta New Hindi Movie Download HD 3Gp Mp4 Mobile

The Hindi drama movie “Junoon- Once upon a time in Calcutta” has released. The film is written and directed by Kumaar Aadarsh, he has also produced the film along with Jaya Patwa. The music of the film is composed by DJ Bharali and Gufy Khan. It stars Hansi Parmar, Ritesh Raghuvanshi, Alia Khan, Deepak Soni, Naina Mandol, Anu Chawla, Vinod Modgil and Kumar Aadarsh in prominent roles.

Junoon – Once upon a time in Calcutta New Hindi Movie Download HD 3Gp Mp4 Mobile


The film opened with around 55% occupancy in theatres on first day. It has received average rating from both critics and audience. According to them it is an average one time watch film. The film does not have any popular star cast. It is a low budget film.

The film shows the story of Nandini Ghosh, Bibha and Majumdar. Nandini is chief news reporter of NT Networks, Bibha also works there and becomes friends with Nandini and Majumdar is the MD of the channel also he is the top communist leader. Nandini gets close to Majumdar to achieve her own goals, she has her own secret mission. Majumdar has his own mission to spread communism across India. To achieve this he supplies arms to Naxals, arranges funds from foreign countries, kill people etc.

Nandini is also one of the victim of Naxal movement. Her entire family aa burnt alive. She was secretly raised in Darjeeling by her father’s driver. After knowing all this she comes to Kolkata for her own secret mission. She want to destroy communism from the country. What will happen next will she achieve her goal or not, will Majumdar stop spreading communism. Who will win the war.

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