Janatha Garage Movie Live Audiece Review & Critic Rating

Check out of the live audience review and critic rating for the Telugu, Malayalam movie Janatha Garage. With the trailer release only, the movie start getting publicity and add-on positivity to the makers. Movie not only release in Indian, it got release on international platform.


Janatha Garage is getting positive review in India as well as from US. As far as critic rating is concerned, movie got 3.6 rating out of 5 where as audience rated the movie 4.2*. On its opening day one film show occupancy of 90% and some where more then that as well.

Audience like the story, direction and performances in the movie. It is overall good entertainment package. There is no big release this week, and Jantha Garage will get high screen count as well. The collection number will increase, and there will be a sudden grown on weekend box office collection as well.

Live Audience Review

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