Jagruthi 2016 Kannada Full Movie Download DVDrip Mp4 3Gp

Jagruthi 2016 Kannada drama genre movie. It is getting positive response from audience and critic after the release of trailer only. Everyday movie has shown growth and pull in audience. Low screen count for the movie was a big challenge still mange to get good timings. Jagruthi movie has defiantly encourage audience to get into theatres and know what actually is going around with politicians. Download full Kannada movie Jagruthi 2016 in high quality print 720 HD, dvdrip mp4, 3gp and tcrip online in different modes and true sources only.

Jagruthi is a Kannada drama movie directed by Ananth Rayappa. This is directors directorial debut movie. Most of the time he work in Kannada film industry as a producer. After the release of this film views reacted positively. Response on social media tell what actually audience think about the movie. Story line of the movie is narrated by Ananth Rayappa only.

Featuring Smt Motamma, Prof Seethamma and Dr L Hanumanthaiah is playing lead role in the movie. Audience like the way director make actors work, and make it look true to audience. After the release of this movie it has never seen low audience in theatres. Low screen count was issue but not low views. Word to mouth has lead movie with a good pace. Audience reaction on movie and rated the movie 3.5 star out of 5.

Story of Jagruthi Kannada movie is related to political parties who want to awake voters. People who do not come out of vote. They want to strengthen them for strong democracy. This project also discuss about the corruption by political parties. How systems are made to add corruption. Some people who are aware and make organisation who work for anti-corrution forum to create awareness.

People get to know about thing which do not come in front of everyone. There are exhibition organised for the betterment of lower class people. They want to defend the voters who take money and vote against good political parities. This come in front when voters understand and vote for the right person.

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