Independence Day: Resurgence 2nd Week 11 Day Box Office Collection

Independence Day: Resurgence is still earring despite it has got mixed reviews. The film expected a growth start from the day one with it was not possible to get good number of collection from India.


Box office collection report as per update is ₹ 24.10 crore on the first week performance of the film at the box office. Now the day wise collection report, on the opening day Friday film collected ₹ 4.70 crore, Saturday ₹ 5.80 crore, Sunday ₹ 6.40, Monday ₹ 2.10 crore, Tuesday 1.90 crore, Wednesday ₹1.70 and Thursday ₹ 1.50. Week 2, 1st day Friday ₹ 1.25, Saturday ₹ 1.10, Sunday ₹ 1.05.

As if now the expectation from the Indian market is much higher then old time. “Jungle Book” had made it bench mark with the box office collection in India. Now the producers of other films are taking much more interest in the release of the film in India.

Independence Day Resurgence also got release with such a expectation in India. But the review from Indian and other parts of the world did not give better review about the film.

Negative word of mouth lead the film to get less collection at the box office. Film still manages to collect ₹ 1 crore on the 2nd week day 1 Friday.

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