Gujju Rocks Gujarati Download Full Movie Mp4 HD 3Gp

“Gujju Rocks” is Gujarati comedy-drama film directed by Patel Brothers and written by Imtiaz Patel. The movie has released recently and got good response from viewers. The promotion of the movie has made the audience to watch the movie. This is big Gujarati movie and no other release will get huge profits from the box office. The director has worked hard for the movie and story narration. Enjoy download full drama Gujarati movie Gujju Rocks in mp4, 3gp, 1080p HD prints and online streaming from different sources.

The film is produced by Jay Desai, Jayesh Patel and Imtiaz Patel, the writer of the film. The lead role in the film is played by Vipul Vithlani, Priyanka Panchal, Sneha Salvi, Jaydeep Shah and Sajeed Patel. Asif Panjwani has directed the music for the film. The film is presented by K10 Entertainment and Mamoranjan Mania.

The film shows the story of a rich business Jayant Kansara. He is married to his childhood friend Kishori. He is the owner of a travel agency. Due to a mid-life crisis, his personal and professional life are affecting. He indulges in an extra-marital affair as one of his friends suggested him to do so. He does that to avoid his stress and tension but he stuck into a new problem. To know what happened next watch the film.

Priyanka Panchal is playing the role of Chandani, Jayant Kansara’s girl friend in the film and Sneha Salvi is playing the role of his wife Kishori Kansara in the film where as the role of Jayant Kansara is played by Vipul Vithlani. The movie has got a positive response from critics and audience. The leading lead in the movie is getting a positive report from critics for her acting. The movie was released on 3rd February. The film is expected to collect 4cr at the box office. The running time of the movie is 178 minutes.

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