Great Grand Masti 3rd Day Sunday Box Office Collection & Losses

Great Grand Masti has to take lots of losses due to leak of movie before the release. Audience are negating to watch a film which already got leaked. Every show is a flop show, as multiplexes are not getting audience at all. These kind of adult comedy movie are very rear in Indian cinemas.


The original certified copy was leak which made producers to handle there huge losses now. On the opening day of release Great Grand Masti started with ₹ 2.50 crore which was unexpected. People did not want to watch movie which they have already watched three week ago.

Udta Punjab was also got leaked but just 2 days before the release but this time it was lead 17 day before the official release. The cast and crew said, the leak has killed our film and now the most important thing is be bear the losses. The producers now calculating the loss they have to bear which is approx ₹ 100 crore.

On day one film collected ₹ 2.50 crore, on day 2 Saturday film collected ₹ 2.50 crore and on day 3 Sunday film collected ₹ 2.75 crore. The total box office collection is ₹ 8 crore approx.

Although the film got good number of screens i.e 1700 in domestic market, but still could not encourage audience to watch movie.

Sultan is going on a wonderful phrase as Great Grand Masti was the only film to release this week. Now Sultan has big change to take over every record.

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