Ghostbusters 2016 Hindi Live Audience Review and Critic Rating

Check out the response and Live audience review rating for the latest American supernatural film “Ghostbusters”. It seem like audience got mixed review about the film. Some of the audience was disappointed by the film but some felt it hilarious. Critic of the film rated it 2.8* out of 5. There is negativity all over social media and twitter comments are unreadable. Now it has release in India and there is again mixed response by the audience.


Film has not to face tough competition by any big banner film, which will make Hollywood to get good box office collection this weekend. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Charles Dance is playing lead in the film. Along with the lead Michael Kenneth Willians and Chris Hemsworth playing lead in the movie. Audience appreciated the work of every actor in the film.

Brent White and Melissa Bretherton has handled all the editing of the film. All the cinematography of the film is done by Robert Yeoman. Ivan Reitman and Amy Pascal has produced the film. Columbia Pictures has taken all the distribution rights of the film. The film is produced under the banner of Sony Pictures, LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures.

Live Audience Review and Critic Rating:

Review: ‘Ghostbusters’ is not flawless, but its comedy makes it worthy of its title ★★★

— Cultjer (@cultjer) July 28, 2016

Ghostbusters is just a bad movie with a fake controversy. @jacobinmag’s review doesn’t hold anything back.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 21, 2016

#Ghostbusters a review: hilarious all female action film where nobody gets the girl or the boy but everybody wishes they got Kate McKinnon.

— Eliza Berlage (@verbaliza) July 20, 2016

Movie: Ghostbusters, My Rating 2.5/5.

— Kartikey R. Upase (@kartikey070793) July 28, 2016

hahahaha a review of Ghostbusters that references liking BVS as proof that he can be “objective” about movies everyone else hates hahahahaha

— Kat Everett (@TigerKatEverett) July 28, 2016

Don’t mess with the classics. Hollywood has been caught up in a cycle of disappointing and ill-advised remakes,…

— Prague TV (@PragueTV) July 28, 2016

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