Punjab, which was known for his culture and lifestyle of people now, is famous for drug hub. The youth of Punjab is more dragged toward drugs. More than fifty percent of youth is involved in drugs like Heroine, Smack, cocaine and other drugs. Children are affected by this drug addiction.

Use of drugs was prevalent long before the partition and as the time passes more people, more workers and more demand originated. Drugs were supplied from Pakistan and today also the supply continues. Many people are of the opinion that politicians and police are involved in this matter and they take certain portion of profit out of it. Drug addiction is now serious problem in this region.


The reasons for drug addiction are unemployment, economy, easily availability of sedatives and many other reasons. There are many pharmaceutical companies which are not licensed and   they even supply drugs without prescription. People are affected by HIV as well and 9 percent of population is suffering from this deadly disease. According to Narcotics Control Bureau’s reports, 50 percent of drug-related cases of the country are from Punjab alone. The High court, itself has quoted that “Punjab not serious in combating drugs” and “Govt lacks will to stop jail drug flow”. The youth fall into this prey because of peer pressure, depression, fashion and loneliness.

There are various steps taken by society to bring awareness about drug addiction. Many schools have organised a camp for school children, many colleges and universities perform various skits and drama how drug effect the individual and their loved one life. The government has enacted various laws and enforcing them strictly to eradicate this problem from society. The cinema also made various movies on drugs like Udta Punjab which focus on problem and solution on this drug addiction. Various rehabs are there and also many youngsters help each other to understand this problem and not to indulge in it.



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