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“Fodi Laishu Yaar” is Gujarati romantic comedy film released recently. The film has received 2 rating out of 5 from critics and same rating from the viewers too. Also, it has received mixed reviews from viewers. It is not receiving a good response because of weak story line and script is not interesting. The comedy scenes and dialogues of the film could be more funny and entertaining. Both first half and second half of the film have drawbacks, starting with both half are interesting it picks up the pace then go slow down and little boring. Overall it is one-time watch film. Despite getting mixed response it is showing good occupancy in theatres till now, it is showing around 75% occupancy in theatres.

The story of the film revolves around four friends Raj, Rahul, Aditya, and Jignesh. They also represent four parts of Gujarat Surat, Mehsana, Saurashtra and Ahmedabad respectively. It shows college life of engineering students. On another side it shows the love story of Raj and Simran, they both are main characters of the film. Raj loves Simran but she does not. Will he be able to convince her or not and will she also love him is the main crux of the film? Side by side it shows the story of four friends, after completing their studies they went to Saurashtra to attend a wedding and there they get into a trouble. What was that trouble how they will get out of that is the main crux of the story.

The film is directed by Satyen Verma and co-directed by Vijay Chavda, he has also written it along with its dialogues and also narrated the screenplay of the film. It is produced by Nishan Shah, Harsh Patel and Raj Vaishnav. It is presented by Aastha Film Production.

It stars Vishal Solanki, Alisha Prajapati, Chintan Dave and Koyal Shewale in lead roles. The cinematography of the film is done by Jigar Raval and music of the film is directed by Manish Bhanushali.

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