Fever 2016 Live Audience Review and Critic Rating

Here is the live audience review and critic rating of adult certificate movie “Fever” 2016. The film is getting fantastic response from the audience as well as critics. User has like the movie and made the film worth watching. Earlier the film is not getting such hike, but with the positive publicity on social media will help the flick to grow in weekend. Now it will be exciting to see now the film could perform, as there is not big budget release in this week so Fever has opportunity to go big.


Another film which is totally on different genre i.e Budhia Singh Born To Run. These two film could not compete with each other as they just belong to different audience all together. We are very excited to make you await about the movie review of Fever. Critic have rated the film 3* out of 5 where as user rated the film 3.5* out of 5.

On day one the film has got great response and theatre show occupancy of near about 65%. This is low then Budhia because there is very limited audience for “A” certificate movies. This will definitely effect the movie and go on a positive to other movie.

Live Audience Review

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