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A biopic film on former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has announced yesterday on 15 February 2017. And on same day ISRO has launched 104 satellites in a go and has become the first country to do so. Dr. Kalam was a great scientist too. Yesterday the markers of the film posted the first look poster of the film on social networking sites and announced that they are making a biopic on Dr. Kalam and soon they will start the shoot. The title of the film will be “DR. ABDUL KALAM”. The film will be made in English.

The first look poster of the film shows Dr. Kalam, Indian Flag, a satellite, a bullock cart and some man waking and riding bicycles. It also has two tag lines one is “From Bullock Carts To World Records¬†¬† Congratulations ISRO On Its Record Breaking PSLV C-37 Mission”. Second tag line is ” Every Age Has A Hero Every Hero Has A Story”.

The film is directed by Anil Sunkara and produced by Dream Merchants INC in association with AK Entertainments. Movie featuring Ramabrahmam Sunkara and Abhishek Agarwal playing lead role in the movie.

Dr. Kalam was a great scientist and president. He was good writer too and has written many books. Also he was a great human being. India will always be proud to have Dr. Kalam. The makers are doing a good job by making film on Dr. Kalam, this is a good tribute to him.

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