Download 2017 Angamaly Diaries Malayalam Full Movie HD 3Gp Mp4

Get here the reviews, rating and other information of the latest release Malayalam movie “Angamaly Diaries”. It is one of the big Malayalam film of the year and receiving so much love and appreciation from audiences, 4 rating out of 5 of critics and 4.6 viewers rating clearly shows that. Everyone has worked so hard in the film whether he is director, story writer of the film or actors of the film. Now all of them are very satisfied with the performance of the film as it is receiving huge appreciation. It feels good when you worked hard and get good results. If you watch the film you can’t stop without praising director’s work. He has directed it so beautifully so that everyone can enjoy it, there is not even a single moment when you get bored or when you lose your interest in the film. Also the story is too good and entertaining.

Download 2017 Angamaly Diaries Malayalam Full Movie HD 3Gp Mp4


It is a story of Angamaly, a small town in Kerala. It shows the story of local people and their life. Vincent Pepe and his friends who wanted to be a powerful leader of a righteous gang that ruled the city like his seniors. The movie shows gang fights and how pepe tackle all the challenges. What happened at the end who will win the gang fight and will become the leader of a righteous gang all this make the film interesting till the end.

Lijo Jose Pellissery is the talented director who has made the film interesting with his direction. Chemban Vinod Jose has written the script and did every possible thing to make it different and enjoyable. Vijay Babu has produced it for Friday Film House and Friday Tickets has released it.

All this would not be possible without the brilliant star cast of the film and they are Antony Varghese, Kichu Tellus, Ullas Jose Chemban, Sinoj Varghese, Sarath Kumar, Vineeth Vishwam and Sandeep C. The film features 86 debutant actors. Prashant Pillai’s music makes film more enjoyable.

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Download 2017 Angamaly Diaries Malayalam Full Movie HD 3Gp Mp4

Angamaly Diaries Malayalam Full Movie HD

Angamaly Diaries 2017 Download Movie

Angamaly Diaries Malayalam Full Movie HD 3Gp

2017 Malayalam Movie Angamaly Diaries Download

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