Days of Tafree Story, Live Audience Review Hit or Flop

Days of Tafree is the newly release movie this week. The film is getting positive response by audience, but disappoints from critic rating. Audience have shared there experience on social media channels and all of them are very positive. This is a must watch movie and do watch it. Some of them have compared the movie with 3 idiots.


This is a big surprise as most of the users have like the comic timing in the movie. Critic rated the movie 3.2 star which is a above average rating out of 5. As per critic the plot of the movie is not adequate it could be much more better.

This is not for the very first time when critic and audience think different. Movies do business when audience like the movie. There is just miner effects on the business when critic give negative or average rating.

This is a story of collage going students. All are growing up and they face difficulties in there relationships. All of them end up there collage and star new life then they get to know what actual life is.

Live Audience Review

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