Dangal Opening Day Box Office Collection (1st Friday) Aamir Khan Take Lead 2016

Check out first day box office collection of newly release Dangal. Aamir Khan starrier movie Dangal has finally release with positive start from the day one. Before releasing in Indian movie was release in other countries and it has break all record and collected $282,280 from USA and $42,816 from Canada. Total box office collection from make a total of Rs. 2.21 cr.

Film has massive opening on day one. Audience have pre booked the show one day before the release. Most of the shows were seen houseful all over India. As per expectation movie take lead. Dangal got release in 4300 screens in India and almost 1000 screens abroad.

Number of screen count has lead the film to break all records of 2016. Now Dangal will be known as best opening of the year 2016. As per audience review it is a masterpiece and these kind of film can never be made again.

Aamir Khan in the film is strong, but the lead character of girls has also let strong mark in the hearts of views. Dangal opening day box office collection was the best part after the release.

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