Budhia Singh 3rd Day Weekend Total Box Office Collection Report

Budhia Singh – born to run 1st weekend box office collection India report. This week on 5th August 2016 two film big film release i.e Fever and Budhia Singh. Non of the film perform at the box office. As Fever got negative review, but as opposite Budhia Singh got positive review but still did not many to get high earring at the box office on entire weekend.


As film is getting positive response at all social media but still Budhia manage to collect Rs. 2.03 crore on its opening day. It was lower then expectation, with such word to mouth promotion the film could not get high collection number.

The flick could not manage to collet on day one, but on second day Saturday the film manage to collection Rs. 1.58 crore which was lower then day one collection. It seem very disappointing by the producers as the is no doubt about the performances of the actors in the film.

Manoj Bajpayee’s has get into the character and manage to look alike proper coach. On day 3 Sunday Budhia Singh manage to collection Rs. 2.20 crore. This highly anticipated film will face tough time on 4th day Monday and the entire week.

The film manage to collect total Rs. 5.50 crore on its opening weekend total box office collection.

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