Blue Mountains Movie Synopsis First Look Poster Star Cast Ranvir Shorey

“Blue Mountains” is upcoming Bollywood film releasing on 7 April 2017. Ranvir Shorey, Gracy Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Simran Sharma will be seen as leads in the film. The script of the film is written by Suman Ganguli, she has also directed the film and narrated the screenplay along with Indranil Goswami. Today on 9 March 2017, the makers of the film have revealed the first look poster of the film. It shows Ranvir Shorey, Gracy Singh and a boy behind them facing a mike also there is a church in the picture which is of blue colour.

Blue Mountains Movie Synopsis First Look Poster Star Cast Ranvir Shorey


The film is about a hill town boy Som who accidentally selected in a reality show. His mother who was also a celebrity singer wanted to fulfil her unfulfilled dreams through her son. But he failed to do so.
“Blue Mountain” is for those who have not won anything in life, it says participation is important, not winning.

The film has already won many awards before its release. It has won award at 2015 “Golden Elephant Trophy: Best Feature Film”. It has won award at 2016 “Nashik Film Festival Trophy: Best Director” and 2016 “Hyderabad Film Festival: Best Feature Film”. Apart from that the film has won so many awards at various award shows. It seems that fill will rock the screens and box office after release.

Raujesh Kumar Jain is producing the film and Sandeep Surya, Monty Sharma and Adesh Shrivastava is composing the music of the film. Chandrashekhar Rath is handling the cinematography of the film and Asif Ali Shaikh is doing the editing of the film.


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