Yoga helps to attain flexibility and great muscle strength. However what should we eat after Yoga. As we are relaxed and tempted to eat something after the activity but we should not eat. Firstly we should hydrate our body. Nutritious diet is suggested at the most. Protein enriched diet is must to remain healthy. Here is the list one should follow after yoga:


  • Try to drink water at least two glasses.
  • Try to have juice or any healthy drink which keeps you refreshed.
  • Try to have lemon juice with honey. It helps to increase appetite and keeps healthy skin.
  • Try to increase vegetables and it improves our digestive system.
  • Cheese and yogurt are good for health. Yogurt improve or immune system and keeps away from infection.
  • Eggs are rich protein buster. Try to have in your diet chart.
  • Soya milk also is taken as it is enrich with protein.

Once you are done with Yoga hydrate your body as it is must. You can ca hydrate by above suggestions as well. Food should be taken healthy. Think healthy and think fresh. Fruits and vegetables are best source of fresh and healthy food. Organic food should be taken as it will be best for long term health. High protein food intake is must to keep away your muscle from being too sore after workout.

If you are willing to take chicken, you can have it as it is enriched with protein. The benefits of Yoga are many but with correct food diet it gives you long term result. Once you set your regular routine it won’t be difficult for you after that. So be determined to follow yoga and diet together to have long term health benefits. Many yoga postures can be tried to achieve healthy body.

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