Bengaluru Underworld Kannada Movie Download 1080p Mp4 DVDrip 800MB

Bengaluru Underworld 2017 Kannada movie starring Adithya in action. As the name suggest the project is based on underworld activated in Bengaluru state in India. Things in the movie is not true. It is based on suspicious activities and some old investigations taken by the Bengaluru government. This is a crime thriller movie which released on 10th March 2017. The running time of this drama thriller is 1 hour 54 minutes. Positive plus response at the box office on day one. The movie organisation board of India which is called censor board has given A certifiated. Kids under age of 18 is not allowed to watch this movie.bengaluru-underworld-poster


Bengaluru Underworld Kannada Movie Download 1080p Mp4 DVDrip 800MB

Director – P N Satya
Written by – P N Satya
Produced By – G Anand
Production House – Majecstic Touring Talkies
Music on – J Anoop Seelin
Label: JP Music
Bengaluru Underworld Stars – Adithya, Paayal Radhakrishna, Daniel Balaji, Harish Rai and Kote Prabhakar

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Bengaluru Underworld is a story of crime in Bengaluru. Story starts from the brith of crime in the state till present day. It show how un satisfied people join gangs of underworld. The are getting stronger and stronger and government get week. Other point is how politicians take thing for there own benefit. No one want to make things better in the state. These people get sponsored from different countries members.

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