Ben-Hur Movie Live Audience Review and Rating 1st Show

Ben-Hur is all set to get on the Indian box office now. Take a look on live audience review and critic rating of newly release film Ben-Hur. As the film has entered in India, and it has entered in three different languages other then original english language. It is going to release in Hindi dub, Telugu and Tamil.


The film is getting mixes positive review world wide. As the critic rated the film 4.7 out of 10 which is not a decent score. As far as audience is concerned the film has a good to watch, it is full of entertainment. Audience review is going on a positive side where as some audience have no interest in watching the movie. This remake is wonderful and recommended to watch.

Now there are two movie with same genre but Bomb Squad is has got better review and audience not promoting Ben-Hur. Audience want to watch the movie as Indian ticketing site show more then 2000 likes for the movie who are willing to watch the movie. The occupancy rated of the film is quite high, now the collection will let the story on the other hand.

Live Audience Review

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