Bairavaa Tamil Audience Review Response Box Office Collection

Finally Bairavaa got release today and it is getting huge positive response from audience. Audience was awaiting for the movie since last year and it is finally on big screen now. Most of the shows were houseful from the day one. It is a good news for producer and crew who so ever is connected to film.

Bairavaa is getting positive response and critic have rated the 3 star out of 5. On day one movie is expected to collect more then 4 cr from the box office. Huge screen count will defiantly increase box office collection world wide. This is a Tamil language movie and only big release in the region.

Still now multiplex and single screens show more then 80% occupancy rated on working day. The film will defiantly get a rise on weekend. Songs of the film was already a big hit and now its time for movie. High audience expectation have been fulfilled by the good film and story line.

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