Akanksha Sharma HD Hot Wallpapers Biography DOB Bigg Boss 10 Contestant

Checkout the biography and photos of Bigg Boss 10 contestants Akanksha Sharma. Akanksha Sharma is the former wife of cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zorawar Singh. She is from Gurgaon. She married to Zorawar Singh in 2014. Their marriage did not last long, their relationship ends with in four months of marriage. She accused her mother in law for their marriage. Even she said she had not any problem with her husband Zorawar Singh the marriage ended because of his mother only.


She is accusing Yuvraj’s family on national television, how will they take it, how will they react. Yuvraj’ mother is denying it, in one of the interview she said that Akanksha could have done this before but now she got a platform and she is misusing it. It has become a hot topic for everyone. It has become viral on social media and also on news channel. But we do not know what it true who is right.


But the question is will this impact Yuvraj’s family reputation or will it be helpful for Akanksha to gain sympathy in the Bigg Boss house and all this allegations are true or not all these are still a question. The only thing which is clear Akanksha will be threat for everyone in the house. She is an independent woman.



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