5 EXERCISE TO GET RID OF BACK PAIN: Posture, Flexibility and More

back muscle strain or ligament strain is one of the most common causes of acute lower back pain. Lifting a heavy object, twisting, or a sudden movement can cause muscles or ligaments stretch or develop microscopic tears. There is abundance of reasons for the back pain. The back pain is caused by the mentally stressful job, doing in a wrong a physical work, obesity, age, anxiety and many more risk factors for causing back pain. However it can be cured by exercises. The person can do following stretches exercise.

  1. NECK STRETCHE: First sit on the floor by legs crossed and put your left hand on right side of the head. Then do not move your shoulder and tilt by your hand right side of the head to the left. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds then do vice versa.Neck-stretche-get-rid-of-back-pain
  2. HIP-BUTTOCK STRETCH: Lie on your back and your feet should not touch the floor and cross your right leg on the left thigh and press along this to your chest and hold this position for 3-5 seconds. And repeat this with other side of your leg.
  3. SEATED SPINAL TWIST: Sit on the floor with legs crossed and then put your right arm on left thigh and it should touch the floor. Then twist your whole upper body to the left along with the torso and you will feel stretched on your lower back. Then repeat with other side of your body.seated-spinal-twist-for-back-pain
  4. CHILD’S POSE: Sit on the floor and your knee should be tucked in. And bend down your whole body and face should touch the floor and stretch out your arms. You will feel stretched on your torso and do this repeatedly for 5 minutes regularly.
  5. BACK RELAXER: Lie down on your back and pull your legs towards your chest and your hands should hold the thighs and you will stretch on your lower back. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds.

Back pain can be cured by physiotherapy as well. In severe pain doctors should always be consulted so you can save yourself from serious health issues.

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