2017 Dodge Challenger Review Images Launch In USA

Check out latest news of 2017 Dodge Challenger with more muscle this time. It is from the American automaker who is again expected to launch more hottest muscle car. All the new Dodge Challenger 2017 will get new boulevard cruiser with famed T/A package.


This is very first tome one Dodge show love to 5.7-litre V-S entry level engine. Now it will get new hollow for the air intake design. The modified hellcat airbox and cold air intake will maximise the performance of the vehicle.

Another add-on is low suspension, heavy-duty brake line, unique 20 inch wheel and Stiffer struts. Interior get more modern look with premium leather interior. It will get all the modern features like infotainment system, seat adjustment, staring wheel drive assist.


There is more powerful engine option i.e 6.4-litre superb engine. It generates 485hp and 475 lb-ft power. The brand has preferred to get all equipment top notch for specify per dollar price tag.

The vehicle is price at $38,455 and other add-on features of more power will cost as per the customer customization.


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