One glass of liquor per week is good for health but what if you become addictive of it. Youngsters are prone to drinking habit as a style and many indulge in this activity due to bad company. Drinking makes a person indecisive and less control toward his activity. This also make person to indulge in criminal activity. Person does such kind of acts when they regain their brain power they repent on their actions and feel guilty. This makes an individual pessimistic in nature. Things to keep in mind while quitting liquor:


  • Make a list of reasons
  • Do not quit at instance
  • Make small steps by cutting the amount of liquor intake
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Meditation
  • Indulge in good company
  • Indulge in Non-drinkers club
  • Build new hobbies
  • Save money which you spent on liquor
  • Keep count on diet habits
  • Intake of juices
  • Be optimistic in nature

Quitting liquor will help one to improve health and save money. Person can give more time to his family and loved ones. Person will feel physically and psychologically better. Never give up on yourself as you will save your lungs, build a good heart and build a good life ahead. For beginners choose a day of drinking and try to drink less. Always try to drink alone and eat a lot of healthy food before drinking. Always seek a good benefit for no drinking. Reward yourself for each day this will keep you motivated toward your goal. Drinking causes you many serious health issues for instance hepatitis c and it can be deducted at initial stage or not. In many scenarios it is when a person liver is spoiled. So stop drinking too much and save your health from being spoiled.

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