The most frequent question in everyone’s mind strike before starting a Yoga what diet they should follow. Is it good to eat before Yoga or not? Well, it is mostly suggested that this activity if done in the morning give you the best results. The reason behind this methodology is morning gives you the positive energy and you receive the nature best things.


It is always suggested that Yoga should be done on empty stomach. Even if person wants to do can eat light food and start yoga after 45 minutes of it. The reason behind this light food is digested between this span of time. If you do yoga after a meal you will adverse effect of yoga. To exemplify it will have severe pain in stomach. So here a suggested list to do before doing yoga:

  • Try to have organic food more.
  • Try to stress more on vegetables.
  • Fruits are always good for health. Try to have at least one fruit a day.
  • Enrich your diet with vitamins and proteins
  • Decrease the consumption of meat products.
  • Drink water minimum eight glasses per day.
  • Nuts provide your energy. Try to have in your diet.
  • Before doing eat light food one hour before
  • Do not eat heavy food. If you have it, then do yoga after four hours.
  • Spices are good for taste but lot of spicy food can harm our health and try to avoid spicy food.

This habit sustains your good health and gives you energy throughout the day. If a person does Yoga in the evening make sure he eat well throughout the day and drink enough. However make sure you hydrate your body well. This keeps your body healthy and sound. As health is wealth, so we should find time for our body as well.

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